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In The Library


With a lead pipe.

Garlic on the doorpost

This is why it’s there.

Skull and Gourd Society

Skull & gourdYou get used to things.

A pumpkin pile in a corner, a skeleton (Uncle Fred) loitering on the chaise lounge, the big gargoyle crouched on top of the Galaga machine in the living room…

You get used to things.

WyvernPainted paper mache skullA little shinySkull & gourd

How to make a paper mache skeleton

Crow - A BrigandYou’ll need a stick, a skull, and a case of Mountain Dew.

“Crow” is the consequence of a dangerous experiment in paper construction. He exhibits certain scarecrow characteristics, but his kind requires a unique definition.

Brigand: Outlaw, robber, thief, member of a roving band practicing “brigandage”. Perfect.

Brigand Construction ZoneCrow’s build project is now available in our Halloween Projects section.

This over sized stick monster took about a week to build. He’s mostly newspaper with a few other odds and ends thrown in. I think there’s even a pool noodle crammed in there somewhere.

Hide some free time in a sock and bury it in the backyard before starting this project, or it’ll mostly get brigandaged away.

Build your own inscrutable paper mache skeleton. On a stick.