The Halloween Storm of Aught-thirteen

Storm of aught-thirteen

New sky light

Poor, soggy crank ghost

On October 31 of last year, it slammed into Snug Harbor like a pissed off freight train. Maybe if the storm had swept through there wouldn’t have been as much to clean up. But it hung out for a while, drank too much, and generally made an ass of itself.

Shadow Wood’s one and only hotel was a particularly pitiful mess on the morning of November first, which fired up public opinion and fueled the political will to resurrect this historic … structure. The refurbishment project began in August, closing two north-bound lanes of a nearby interstate for no apparent reason, and was successfully completed weeks later.

Mausoleum refurb 1

Mausoleum refurb 2

Mausoleum refurb 3

Mausoleum refurb 4

Mausoleum refurb 5

Mausoleum refurb 6

Updates include a fully-collapsible roof, removable corner dressings, and well-placed interior carriage bolts to lash to the 4′ rebar anchor posts that keep this thing from wandering off again.Ready for new residentsNo longer poor, soggy crank ghost

Photo bomb

Photo bomb

Choose your path

Choose your path

The Law Giver

How to fill up 6 months …

Planet of The Apes - Law Giver

“…that’s when I knew she was trying to kill me.”

Mrs. Spookyblue is an unapologetic Planet of The Apes fanatic. In her VHS days, she was known to have rented and watched, back-to-back, all five of the original movies. That demands more than a simple appreciation for a young loin-clothed Charlton Heston; it takes dedication.

Dedication is an important factor in the successful completion of a big (i.e. massive) project. It ranks higher than planning, although a good plan tests one’s dedication to a far lesser degree. Dedication doesn’t spring from the ether, however. Motivation is the catalyst. In other words, one may dedicate one’s self to a project out of love for the project, but as often as not, the fire in the belly derives elsewhere. From a rabid Planet of The Apes fan, for example.

Recognizing this early on, and holding it firmly in mind for the duration of the enterprise, is the oil to keep the gears and flywheels smoothly spinning. This is especially important when a single prop for your POTA-themed Halloween bash takes 6 months to build.

Nothing says love like a 9′ tall paper mache ape.