Scrounge Go

Scary Scary Night
~ painting by Mrs. Spookyblue ~

Scary, scary night,
Bats and owls and sheepdogs hoot,
Well, really only owls will hoot,
Cuz sheepdogs bark and bats go "chik!" "chik!" "chik!"

Splendid in his tree,
The hoot owl hoots a mystery,
An octave below middle C,
Like dogs and bats just almost never do.

The silence hitherto, was absent all this ballyhoo,
The dark so deep it was a spooky blue,
You're likely to be eaten by a grue.

Is that a shadow, waltzing to and fro,
Perhaps it's time to go.


The Moth Brothers

How to avoid going to parties and meeting people: Make giant Jack-o-lanterns out of paper mache! Name them, construct lengthy background histories about them

The Grumble

Bruno the scarecrow has a son, he's bigger, meaner, and he lives in our garage.

The Scarecrow

And not a crow for miles around

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