About Spooky Blue

Who is this guy, and would somebody please tell him that it's not necessary to cram the whole html color chart onto every page?

The name Spooky Blue came into being thanks to our collie, Hannah, who is a blue rough-coat and who sports a spooky blue eye.  She's a sneak who spreads sedition throughout our household at every opportunity.

The old guy who runs things around here, or more accurately, just barely keeps it all from spinning madly out of control, answers to many names including Head Spook, S. Blue, Spooky, and Dude.  Often, salutations are followed by, "you're not wearing that, are you?" or "did you feed the dogs?"

Our home is Snug Harbor, USA, a peculiar fold in space-time, and outland refuge for all manner of cheerful optimists, friendly dogs, coyotes, owls, kamikaze squirrels, blue and orange lizards, and some really happy goldfish who will show off for you if they notice you're standing there.

If you hadn't noticed, Halloween fills a big chunk of our calendar.  It begins roughly in January and lasts until around November 7.  The term "Christmas vacation" has a different meaning around here.  Throughout the rest of the year, Spooky Blue's shop churns out props of various, usually dubious quality, for outdoor haunts.  Every now and then we stumble on success, and when that happens, we like to share with the world.  The rest of the time, the rejects just pile up out back, but make great house-building material for birds and squirrels.