Scrounge Go

The Moth Brothers

How to avoid going to parties and meeting people: Make giant Jack-o-lanterns out of paper mache! Name them, construct lengthy background histories about them

The Grumble

Bruno the scarecrow has a son, he's bigger, meaner, and he lives in our garage.

The Scarecrow

And not a crow for miles around

  • Our Favorite Photo
    Lastest Snug Harbor pic that we liked enough to put on its own page. Sometimes a squirrel, sometimes a cloud. Sometimes updated.
  • Haunted Woodshop Projects
    Have fun making sawdust, rewiring things, and just barely not burning off your fingerprints with a soldering iron.
  • Remembering Saul
    "Let dogs delight to bark, for God hath made them so"
        ~Isaac Watts
  • Remembering Ransom
    "The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's."
        ~Mark Twain
  • Remembering Gracie
    If you're lucky, you'll know at least one crazy sheepdog over the course of your life. Gracie was our first.
  • Empire Plastics
    Halloween Light Collection
  • Building a Haunted Shop
    More than a how-to, less than informative.
  • Rat Prank
    My wife keeps telling me I'm not funny.