How to build giant paper mache pumpkins

The Moth Brothers

Remember Spot, the dragon who lived under the steps on the Munsters?  You know that Eddie had cleanup duty every day after school, right?  Marilyn sure as hell wasn't going to do it.  And where do you think all that dragon poo ended up?  Not neatly packed into sacks and left on the curb, I can tell you, but instead piled up in the back of the garden under an old tarp.  Nobody ever went back there, and besides, it didn't smell any worse than the rest of Lily's compost heap.   At some point, a set of incidental events involving said compost heap, a pair of seeds from a rotting pumpkin, a squirrel, and let's say... a talking alligator all combined in such a way as to produce the Moth Brothers.

These demented denizens of the pumpkin patch, twin blotches of vegetable nightmare, are so terrible, so unpleasant, so utterly corrupt that zombies avoid them for fear of being eaten.  They're twin traumas with orange eyes and saw blade teeth.  Smash a pumpkin in their neighborhood and there won't be anything left of the vandal for the police to identify.  No witnesses, either.  Just a slither, "snap!" and "crunch, crunch, crunch!"

But don't they look cool?  Want to make some of your own?

1 - Building Fred2 - Building Bob3 - Notes & PicturesHow the Moth Brothers Got Their Name

Materials list
Newspaper, paper towels, Elmer's glue, Duct tape It's funny how the list of stuff to make these things every year keeps getting smaller and smaller.  Back to basics, I guess.
Pumpkin-shaped armature Big outdoor pumpkin lamp, or a plastic cauldron. More about this in a minute.
Paint Latex or acryllic, you really can't go wrong.  I even splurged and spent $3.00 on day-glo orange spray paint for the interior.
Weatherproofing/sealer Your pumpkin monsters will melt in the rain or in heavy dew if they are not well sealed.  Trust me.
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