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Gallery Archive

What the heck is this?  Two-inch fossilized tooth, or piece of coral?
Georgie Turns 9
Halloween Hall
Graveyard Ghouls
Spooky Hollow - Friendly, Happy
Spooky Hollow 2008 - Plague of Brigands
Harvest Homecoming Parade 2008 - Very scary ringleader
A Snug Harbor Spring
Winter in Snug Harbor is much more fun when there is snow - and Bigfoot tracks
Over 3,000 Lights & 12 Flamingos Welcome the Christmas Season (Dec 1)
Saul, Hannah, Sillycat, and Georgie in a big pile of leaves (Nov 18)
Frankenstein's Boston Travelogue
Halloween at Spooky Hollow (Oct 31)
Grave Robber's Ball (Oct 27)
Spooky Hollow - Dark & Scary (Oct 15-31)
Snug Harbor is Spooky Hollow! (Oct 13)
End of Summer at Snug Harbor - A riot of sunflowers (Aug 27)
Zombie outing ends in disaster, feast (Aug 24)
Snug Harbor Nature Pics - Odonata! (June 7)
Saul & Hannah's 8th Birthday Party
Spring at Snug Harbor (Apr 1)
A Snug Harbor Christmas
Georgie's 7th Birthday
Halloween 2006 - Lawn of the Dead (friendly happy)
Halloween 2006 - Lawn of the Dead (dark & scary)
Halloween 2006 - Grave Robber's Ball at Snug Harbor (Oct 28)
Fall 2006 - Dogs wearing capes (Oct 14)
Fall 2006 - Hay and corn (Oct 01)
Parks Dept. Photography Class - Ice cream & a duck
Up in Flames - Summer 2006
Thunder Over Louisville 2006 Air Show
When Collies & Sheepdogs Meet (Looking back at Spring 2005)
Muddy Paws  (Jan 15)
Georgie's 6th birthday party  (Nov 21)
Falls of The Ohio  (Nov 20)
Lawn of The Dead - Halloween Week!  (Oct 30)
Lawn of The Dead - Halloween Week!  (Oct 28)
Halloween Party (Oct 27)
Harvest Homecoming Balloon Race

Bill & Debi - Wedding Pictures!  (July 23)

Ironstock '05 - Halloween Haunters Conference
Paws for the Cause 2005 (And S.Blue proposes)
Snug Harbor pix from the past
Spring is coming
Saul & Hannah Turn 6 Years Old
Xmas & 2004 Snowstorm
Hot Chick & Turkey Day 2004
Halloween Weekend! (Oct 29)
Halloween Week! (Oct 25)
October fun in the park (Oct 3)
Harvest Homecoming Balloon Race (Oct 3)
Fall Draws Near (September 2004)
Unexpected Visitor (July 12,2004)
Having Fun With Illegal Fireworks (July 4,2004)
Ironstock 2004 Halloween Haunters Ron-D-Voo
Summer 2004 - Settling Into Our New House
Severe Weather Pix & Marengo Tornado Aftermath
Spring Cavorting
New Digs
Charlestown State Park Munitions Plant Ruins
Hike to Rose Island Amusement Park
Xmas care package from our friends in Japan!
February fun in the snow
Xmas 2003
Saul & Hannah - Bigfoot hunting in the snow
The kids are excited as Xmas draws near
Kerry&Amy - Halloween costume party
Autumn Sunday Afternoon at Lapping Park
Four-legged Fall celebrations
Typical bedtime conversation among the kids
Latchkey pups spend the night
More Summer Pix - Poco Gets a Surprise
Saul & Hannah Summer Pix
GRRAND Bark-B-Q (Huge dog party)
Spring Hike - Charlestown St. Park
A Summer Afternoon
A Summer Evening
More Pre-Spooknight Stuff
Halloween Party Crashers
Autumn in the Park (11/09/2002)
Snowy December
Party Dogs
Summer Fun
More Summer Fun
Ransom Fun
Ransom's 3rd Birthday Party
Party Dogs
Pre-Halloween Spookies
Lots of dogs & cats 
Halloween Spooks 2001


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