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Some FCG Background

If you've never heard of Doug Ferguson or the infamous Flying Crank Ghost, then you're not a true Halloweenie. Don't worry. You will be in a few minutes.

The flying crank ghost is a prop developed by special effects enthusiast Doug Ferguson. For the mechanically inclined, it can be a fun project to add to your Halloween haunt.

For the rest of us, it is the reason we're patching drywall holes in the garage shaped like hammers, a cordless drill, and various nails, screws, and bolts. Oh...and we need a new trash can after the old one got kicked into the street and run over by a cement mixer.
How (not) to build a Flying Crank Ghost
My brother and I kicked off our first flying crank ghost project by misinterpreting and completely confusing the plans we had on the subject.  Unwilling to admit defeat (many times), we slogged on (for about a month) to build one of these contraptions.  Here is our story ...
Click here for SpookyBlue's step by step, inch by inch guide to building a flying crank ghost.
Some tell-tale signs of an FCG builder
Florescent paint under the fingernails
Likes to dissect electric rotisserie motors
Owns 1 or more styrofoam head wig-stands (with names)
Can be found rummaging through trash for "parts"
Genius with PVC pipe, like a clown making balloon animals
Collects string
Card-carrying members of the FCG Builders Guild will doubtless study our plans and fire off helpful emails to alert us of massive design flaws.  These people are nerds, geeks, and social misfits who should be restrained and medicated.  Avoid them at all costs.