Building a 10'x12' workshop

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I needed a place to make sawdust, so I decided to build a workshop in my backyard.  After weeks of research I purchased a simple set of plans from the internet and got to work.  Working mainly on weekends, the project took about 4 1/2 months and materials cost around $1,000.   Was it worth it?  You bet!

Weekend 1

Preparing the site & building the floor

Weekend 2

Framing the walls (3" too tall - cough)

Weekend 3

Setting the ridge pole & sheeting the roof

Weekend 4

Installing the exterior wall sheeting

Weekends 5 & 6

Wk5: Installing drip plate and shingles (in the rain)
Wk6: Adding fascia and trim (in the rain)
Weekend 7 Installing electrics, insulation, interior wall sheeting, and cabinets (while it rains outside)
Weekend 8 Building the workbench
Weekend 9 Let there be light
Weekend 10 Finishing touches
Epilogue Some thoughts