My mundane life

Building a 10'x12' shed/shop (Weekend 5)
The gables went up fairly easily. Saul & Hannah wonder where on earth that voice is coming from. Despite our slightly trapezoidal roof, the shingles go down quickly.

Construction note...

Don't install your drip plate and shingles before installing your fascia.  Take my word for it.  I'm looking at some extra engineering now that I wasn't counting on, and it involves aluminum.   Sigh.

We were chased inside by storm number 37 this month, but not before finishing up the ridge cap.

(Weekend 6)

Rather than attempt to fashion some type of aluminum fascia, I opted to cut 3/4" off the end of each rafter.  A 12' 1x4 fits snugly beneath the drip plate.  Soffets will come in time.

More 1x6 boards make up the rest of the trim pieces.  In between storms, I even managed to frame one of the windows.  If it ever stops raining, I'll start caulking. 

Saul and Hannah bark insults at a wretched squirrel.

Weekend 7