My mundane life

It's been 5 weeks now, and despite the rain we've been getting every other day since the end of April, I'm finally insulating and walling the interior.  It looks kinda homey.

Finally got the cabinets installed (and off my deck!)
It's a long weekend (Memorial Day), so naturally it rained all day Saturday.

It's Sunday, and not raining.  Woohoo!  These insulation battes are 16" wide.  My studs are 24" wide.  Sigh.  But on the plus side, I used a makeshift workbench to repair one of the broken cabinet drawers.  

Hannah likes this new house I've built her.  She also likes to chew the handles off my screwdrivers when I'm not looking.  I wonder if "gnawed by dog" is covered in the Craftsman warranty.

My neighbor's roofing guy stopped by to do some flashing. 
(pun intended)

Weekend 8