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...became this

It's been a long road, and there were a few times that I wondered what in the world I'd gotten myself into.  I started this project with zero experience, and some plans I bought off the internet (which I bodged more than once). However, persistence won out and now I have a shop in which to build wondrous and delightful things.

In addition to good old-fashioned stubbornness, I couldn't have completed this project without the much appreciated help of my friends and neighbors  (The neighbors I like, anyway).  They knew when to come lend a hand, and when to leave me the hell alone because I was in a rotten mood.

Now the fun begins.  I have lots of projects to build.  I learned a lot about using different tools, but mostly I just learned confidence.  A lack of confidence is basically a fear of screwing up.  When you cut all your wall studs 3" too tall, and end up with framed walls of various heights, you'll understand what I mean.  

Fix it and move on.  Good advice.