My mundane life

Building a 10'x12' shed/shop (Weekend 2)

Here are the framed walls.  Saul suggests we open a Putt-putt course if this whole shed thing doesn't work out.

How many carpenters does it take to frame a 36" door?  Well, probably just one carpenter.

Joe takes a break.  Again.
The pups inspect the framing work. Silly contemplates Joe's murder.

Saul notices that we eventually corrected the 3" height anomaly that was caused when the project manager incorrectly cut all the wall studs to 7'9.5".  (All 24 of them)

Weekend 3

Saul approves as we wrap up for the day.  The cat continues to ponder Joe's demise.

Hannah instructs Saul on the finer points of leveling.  By the end of the day, it appears as if we have built a large jail cell.