My mundane life

Building a 10'x12' shed/shop (Weekend 1)
I've lived here for 5 years, and I've always wanted a shop.  So, I decided to build one (and block off the neighbor's rats nest behind their shed in the process). Here's the site and the floor plan.
That thing weighs at least 600lbs!
Hannah found the package of string I ended up not using to mark off the construction area.  Saul says, "heh." The "floor" is up on blocks. Hannah supervises.  Notice the big blue thing? (Not Hannah) There's nice shop cabinets under all that plastic.
Weekend 2
Saul notes our 2x4s are too far apart and need shoring. Hannah can't believe we built the floor joists on 2' centers. Hannah considers calling it a day.  We agree.