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Volunteer Pumpkins

Following ancient November tradition, last year’s pumpkins were retired to the “burn pile” with full honors where they settled in to happily decompose over the course of the winter.

These guys must have come from a very sincere pumpkin patch because their progeny are invading our backyard.

Macaroni Monsters

What in the world is that?And why is it sitting on the table?Macaroni monster?

“Moving on” is really someone you thought was gone whispering in your ear, “Come on, let’s go!”

So with that in mind …

Getting the jump on the first September morn by about a week, some unusually oblique creatures take shape out of a pile of primordial pool noodles from the “parts” bin.

If you haven’t already raided the stores for clearanced pool noodles, now’s the time.

Black Ops Project

…Leaked images
Black Ops Project

Leaked ImageClaws & Fangs

More info here.

Summer Soup

Get off my lawn!We flirted with 100° this week, and we’ll be flirting with it again next week. All this philandering is starting to get on my nerves.

It’s that time of year when your old (emphasis on old) pal Spook searches for some scrap of motivation that hasn’t evaporated or otherwise got burned to a crisp in the August blast furnace.

Snug Harbor’s weed crop thrives, encroaching by the minute like a wet, writhing blanket of Kudzu. Bag worms have won the Battle of The Conifers and the killing fields are littered with bodies yet to be policed. Minor annoyances collect like drips of sweat, tiny needles that itch the back of the neck.

Something clicks, and a normally friendly fellow turns into a raging maniac, yelling, “get off my lawn, you damn kids!”

Summer Soup. Blah.

I’m really looking forward to Fall this year.
Probably not half as much as Mrs. Spookyblue.