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Worm Guys

Mrs. Spookyblue recently spent an afternoon photographing the Worm Guys. Originally evolved from pool noodles, our alien friends have taken up permanent residence downstairs in the arcade.

Worm guys

Worm guysWorm guysWorm guysProto Worm Guy

Macaroni Monsters

What in the world is that?And why is it sitting on the table?Macaroni monster?

“Moving on” is really someone you thought was gone whispering in your ear, “Come on, let’s go!”

So with that in mind …

Getting the jump on the first September morn by about a week, some unusually oblique creatures take shape out of a pile of primordial pool noodles from the “parts” bin.

If you haven’t already raided the stores for clearanced pool noodles, now’s the time.