How to make a paper mache skeleton

Crow - A BrigandYou’ll need a stick, a skull, and a case of Mountain Dew.

“Crow” is the consequence of a dangerous experiment in paper construction. He exhibits certain scarecrow characteristics, but his kind requires a unique definition.

Brigand: Outlaw, robber, thief, member of a roving band practicing “brigandage”. Perfect.

Brigand Construction ZoneCrow’s build project is now available in our Halloween Projects section.

This over sized stick monster took about a week to build. He’s mostly newspaper with a few other odds and ends thrown in. I think there’s even a pool noodle crammed in there somewhere.

Hide some free time in a sock and bury it in the backyard before starting this project, or it’ll mostly get brigandaged away.

Build your own inscrutable paper mache skeleton. On a stick.

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