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Let them come

Primed and Ready
Just finished putting the haunt back together after Tuesday’s wind storm. The upshot is a new bounty of leaves has blanketed everything in orange and brown. Mostly brown.

I’m thinking that a lot of kids will be expecting monsters to rise out of the mounds and drifts of leaves in the graveyard. Those are the ones I’ll leave alone. But the others who aren’t expecting it … heh.

Resident Wyvern

Paper WyvernA new Autumn Wind gathers its flock of red and gold leaves.

Their furtive hissing laughter echoes as they play around lamp posts and porch swings with new arrivals piling on by the hour. High up, past the church wall, beyond the arch that marks the cemetery path, above towering belfries and forgotten attics, perched atop the tallest spire’s topmost height is Magwitch.

His gargoyle talons click and “scritch!” on slate, a tortured chalkboard sound that is all but lost in the whistling air, but felt nevertheless. You are being watched.

Bottlenose Wyvern

Snug Harbor needed someone to keep those mischievous hags the Grim Sisters in check.

Who better to patrol the winds aloft than our own gargoyle?

Skinny WyvernPaper WyvernWyvern TailStalking WyvernWyvern Trophies

He’s actually finished now, but I don’t have any good pictures of him yet without the blue ears.

Skull and Gourd Society

Skull & gourdYou get used to things.

A pumpkin pile in a corner, a skeleton (Uncle Fred) loitering on the chaise lounge, the big gargoyle crouched on top of the Galaga machine in the living room…

You get used to things.

WyvernPainted paper mache skullA little shinySkull & gourd

Embroiled in Gargoyles

GARGOYLE – Noun: A water spout.”
Hmph. Ever been bitten by a water spout?