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Remembering Saul

[flv:/rainbow-bridge/saul/saul.flv 400 300]

Saul passed away in February, 2010.

I’ve had a little sticky-note on the corner of my monitor for weeks now as a reminder that it was time to say my final goodbye. Each time I started to write this post, I got about this far before stopping and putting it off for “just a few more days”.

Watching our fur kids grow old is hard, but I suppose if love actually comes with a cost, then this is it. Even so, I would still do it all over again, and I probably will.

There is bittersweet comfort in knowing that not every turn in the road is hidden. That’s what makes a sunset feel soft and purple, and starlight sing, and the wind taste like apple wine.

Remembering Saul – Gallery of a collie-dog

Home Decor

From the sketch book…

This will go great in the parlor next to the ticker tape machine and cousin Farouk’s trophy.

…too obscure?

Gomez: There’s an interesting story behind that trophy – Cousin Farouk was a skin diver. And one day, he dove off a rowboat in an attempt to spear a rare type of eel. And at the same time, a fish swam up from the depths, also after the eel. They were on a collision course.

Morticia: The rest is taxidermy.

The Addams Family – Complete Series
(Excellent background noise for working out in the shop)

Embroiled in Gargoyles

GARGOYLE – Noun: A water spout.”
Hmph. Ever been bitten by a water spout?

Duck tape supports dangerous curves

Dangerous CurvesIssue masked in red tape

Angles and curves, made from paper, have a habit of straightening themselves out, which makes me wonder sometimes if an accurate representation of the absolute entropy of everything might be a straight line. One’s mind wanders far whilst rolling newspaper bones.

In any case, you can prevent your dragons’ tails from unrolling, and crooked zombie arms from uncrooking with a bit of strategic duck-tapery.

  • Attach one side of a piece of duck tape to the piece.
  • Bend/bow/hook the piece to the desired angle.
  • Attach the other side to form a bridge.
  • Apply a second piece of duck tape to the center of the bridge. This will draw the ends a bit closer and make the angle more pronounced; more or less, depending on the placement and length of the bridge.
  • Secure the rest of the bridge with more tape.

This is especially useful in cases where a wire armature is impractical, but you need to maintain a shape while the 8 coats of glue dry into a hard, crusty shell. Like that stuff you put on ice cream to make a “Brown Derby”. Mmm.