Remembering Saul

[flv:/rainbow-bridge/saul/saul.flv 400 300]

Saul passed away in February, 2010.

I’ve had a little sticky-note on the corner of my monitor for weeks now as a reminder that it was time to say my final goodbye. Each time I started to write this post, I got about this far before stopping and putting it off for “just a few more days”.

Watching our fur kids grow old is hard, but I suppose if love actually comes with a cost, then this is it. Even so, I would still do it all over again, and I probably will.

There is bittersweet comfort in knowing that not every turn in the road is hidden. That’s what makes a sunset feel soft and purple, and starlight sing, and the wind taste like apple wine.

Remembering Saul – Gallery of a collie-dog

7 Responses to “Remembering Saul”

  1. While it’s so very hard for us to lose our fur children, I have to say that Saul really had the rules of life down pat:
    1. Snow is for running and playing in, not for shoveling.
    2. Play with your friends as often as you can.
    3. Help them build cool, scary things in the garage.
    4. Even if you are totally embarassed, wearing a costume won’t kill you. You might even look cool in it.
    5. Kiss your friends and let them know you love them, even if they don’t have anything to give you right then.
    6. Always make time to stop and smell the flowers.
    7. Nap often. They’re good for you.
    8. Ditto for snuggling.
    9. Squeaky toys are da bomb.
    10. Never let the weather determine your attitude. You’ll mis out on a lot of fun that way!

    I’m sorry for your loss. I know you and Mrs. Spook will miss him.

  2. We had a Lab that lived for 11 years. The last year of her life we treated her for diabetes. It was vary costly and we would do it again for her. But she is gone now and yes it is hard. We miss her. But I am glad that she was with our family. And we did take the time and money that we did not have to support her. Our furry friends will always be with us. Bless them all for being our friends and a part of us.

  3. That is one handsome dog–I’m in love with him just from watching the video.

    I’m very sorry he’s passed on. My heart goes out to you and Mrs. Spook.

  4. Just think of all of the new adventures that he and Ransom will participate? I can’t imagine what thos two are up to but I know they are having fun.

  5. I want to say I am sorry for your loss. Because of your website I have found many new friends to include you and your family. I do not wish to think of the day that one of my fur children pass on but I have great comfort in knowing that I could share my loss with a family that I have found here. Thank you. Also my first Halloween project was a copy of your Grumble and the neighbors loved it! Again to all that you have given us.

  6. Thank you, everyone. And thanks, Rowan. It’s a big family. :)

  7. I was sad to learn you lost saul. i came across your website by accident a few years back. your wonderful photos of your loving fur kids were always enjoyed. as fall approaches i know that saul is mulling over what costume he will don to make a quick visit to your haunt! love reaches around, through and across all , nothing contains it! peace to you and the mrs.