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Just a head on a stick

Three Witches

Pictured left to right: Calamity, Pariah, Infamy

Life as just a head on a stick, propped in a corner of the garage, isn’t much. I suppose it’s better than being just a head on a stick, say … in an outhouse, with a roll of toilet paper jammed on your nose.

Even so, you’re still just a head on a stick.  And so was poor, poor Pariah. For six long years she peered from her corner behind the step ladders.  An innocuous presence, her derelict existence perfectly depicted the essence of her name while her two sisters, Calamity and Infamy, enjoyed a heightened status of being heads on much longer sticks.

I’ts a tossup whether or not building a body for Pariah has contributed to her existential beauty, but there were always supposed to be three Grim Sisters.

That's a dried up maple leaf in Calamity's hair - she was always a bit of a princess

Warm by the fire Bubbling green stew

October Picks Up Speed

How to make a paper mache skeleton

Crow - A BrigandYou’ll need a stick, a skull, and a case of Mountain Dew.

“Crow” is the consequence of a dangerous experiment in paper construction. He exhibits certain scarecrow characteristics, but his kind requires a unique definition.

Brigand: Outlaw, robber, thief, member of a roving band practicing “brigandage”. Perfect.

Brigand Construction ZoneCrow’s build project is now available in our Halloween Projects section.

This over sized stick monster took about a week to build. He’s mostly newspaper with a few other odds and ends thrown in. I think there’s even a pool noodle crammed in there somewhere.

Hide some free time in a sock and bury it in the backyard before starting this project, or it’ll mostly get brigandaged away.

Build your own inscrutable paper mache skeleton. On a stick.


Empty sockets stare out across the field as it smiles, madly gaping at anyone who’ll meet its gaze. Its jaws chew the air and make a scraping sound like a carnival barker.

“Sstep right up, ladiess and gentlemen! It’ss the ride of a lifetime!

Terror, fire, extinction!

Sso much fun, a feasst for you! Who? Who will ride? You? Yess? Yessss! The cosst is jusst one, thin sssssoul!”

I was exposed to my first “brigand” in 1982 while playing the best board game ever invented called Dark Tower. If your party is weak, count on a band of brigands to finish them off. Nasty creatures. Always trouble.

Crow is a brigand. We couldn’t really call him a scarecrow. In fact, all the new monsters that stomped around Snug Harbor this year are in the same group. I don’t really understand the urge to classify these oversized spit wads, and the distinction doesn’t really mean anything except in my mind, but it feels right.

Brigand, thief, highwayman. Get mixed up with one of them and it’ll burgle all your free time.

Crow’s Gallery (Build instructions are on their way)