How to Make a Paper Mache Skeleton

Crow - A Paper Mache "Brigand" by Spooky Blue

Empty eye sockets stare down a deserted piece of old interstate.  Nothing stirs but the occasional raven.  One of his hired goons.  The cracked and crumbling asphalt, scorched by the unrelenting sun, staggers off into the distance.

Yellowed teeth chew the wind.  "Clack!"  They grind together.  "Grrriiitchhh!"  One of his lieutenants alights on a nearby branch to report a cloud of dust on the horizon.  Someone approaches.

He hisses laughter and barks a command.  His rook flies off, cawing madly for his comrades to follow.  The game begins, and as he always does, "Crow" has made the first move.

Ever felt like you were being watched?  Inscrutably scrutinized?  That'll fluff your tail.  Now, wouldn't it be fun to share that feeling with your friends and neighbors this Halloween?  Well, have we got a project for you!  Build your own inscrutable paper mache skeleton.  On a stick.

The "Crow" project is sort of a combination of Dark Tower and Army of Darkness.  And the list of materials is laughably simple:

"Crow" is the consequence of a dangerous experiment in paper construction. 

Although he exhibits certain scarecrow characteristics, the unwary traveler is just as likely to encounter him lurking along a lonely stretch of blacktop as a corn field. 

Highwayman, hunter, his kind requires their own unique definition.

Brigand:  Outlaw, robber, thief, member of a roving band practicing "brigandage". 


Hide some free time in a sock and bury it in the backyard before starting this project, or it'll mostly get brigandaged away.

"Oversized Stick Monster" got tossed around as a name for a while, but "Brigand" sounds a lot cooler.

Remember all those plastic models you built as a kid, Wolfman driving a hotrod? Those were cool!

The box said "read all the instructions first". Maybe if I had, Wolfman's hairy knuckles would've stuck to the gearshift where they belonged instead of ending up palming his junk.

Learn from my mistakes and read everything here before starting your build.  A junk-palming Brigand on a stick is scary, but for so many very wrong reasons

Let's get started!