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Obsidian Hearts

Obsidian HeartsYou may recall mention of a certain “Demi-corpse” that we shipped out west some time ago. Well, our snaggle-toothed friend has been very busy.

Our monster makes his film debut in the upcoming movie Obsidian Hearts. The (mostly) official trailer has been released, and although you only catch a glimpse of our fanged fiend in the first few seconds, I’m told he enjoys more of the spotlight at the beginning of the movie. He is also featured on the DVD cover art.

This marks our first incursion into the realm of cinematic horror. Or, rather, the first appearance of a prop from the Spookyblue skunk works. We don’t count that other 1.4 second on-screen blur back in 2006 when I -a zombie extra- got clocked by a biker -they hate zombies, and/or zombie extras.

You can watch the Obsidian Hearts trailer by following the link below. I should warn you, however, that the movie is rated R, and some scenes are a little racy. We’re not a pack of “Mrs. Grundy” around here, but we do try to keep things at a somewhat wholesome PG13 for the minors and folks who aren’t shocked by a blood-barfing corpse, but whose brains asplode at the sight of a decent side-boob. If that includes you, then take a pass, or avert your eyes until there are at least 18 candles on your birthday cake.

Obsidian Hearts Movie Trailer

Spookyblue Demi-corpse Hits Big Screen

Remember that “black ops” project we mentioned a while back?

It’s mean. Really mean. Or, it used to be when it was alive, rampaging around, stealing sacred talismans and behaving in a generally foul way. Now it waits, buried in a shallow grave, smelling foul. And it has a secret.


The Manducat, or “one who devours”, appears in an upcoming horror movie that was shot last summer and is now in post-production. We’ll link to the official trailer when it is realeased. Until that time, I’ve been asked to keep things under wraps, which I’ve been doing -mostly- since July.

Try holding your breath for 6 months and see if you don’t turn blue. I’m practically a smurf.

Stunt Rock

Stunt rockNeed a rock that you can wing at a stunt person without hurting him (much)?

Wrap foam pool noodle bits in duck tape, cover with brown nylon panty hose.

Stunt RockStunt Rock

Black Ops Project

…Leaked images
Black Ops Project

Leaked ImageClaws & Fangs

More info here.