Spookyblue Demi-corpse Hits Big Screen

Remember that “black ops” project we mentioned a while back?

It’s mean. Really mean. Or, it used to be when it was alive, rampaging around, stealing sacred talismans and behaving in a generally foul way. Now it waits, buried in a shallow grave, smelling foul. And it has a secret.


The Manducat, or “one who devours”, appears in an upcoming horror movie that was shot last summer and is now in post-production. We’ll link to the official trailer when it is realeased. Until that time, I’ve been asked to keep things under wraps, which I’ve been doing -mostly- since July.

Try holding your breath for 6 months and see if you don’t turn blue. I’m practically a smurf.

2 Responses to “Spookyblue Demi-corpse Hits Big Screen”

  1. Looks awesome! Truly amazing! How on earth did you keep yourself from telling anyone?! Lovelovelove the green shrivelled veins on the head and the messy torn flesh around its mouth! Disgusting fantastic!

    Can’t wait to see the trailer!


  2. that is really amazing! I imagine in the dark that would really be scary!