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SPZBGV2.0 Sneak Peek – Simple, Realistic Skeletal Fingers

Spookyblue Groundbreaker“When will the SPZBGV2.0 be posted?” We’ve fielded this question a dozen or so times (this week), and the simple answer is, “when it’s done.”

In all honesty, it turns out that we either forgot how to take pictures last year, or we misplaced the memory card that held all the good photographs that were intended for the new guide. You would think that, out of 200 odd images, someone would have noticed that the auto-focus was having a bad week.

In any case, and being the do-it-yourself types, manual focus is SOP these days. We’re slowly rebuilding the ZBG media library, and even toying with adding video clips. So, thanks go out to the die-hards for reminding us (often) that time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ into the future. We’re on it, and confidence is high that the SPZBGV2.0 will almost certainly be finished at some point.

An addition that wasn’t in our original version is the evolution of realistic skeleton hands. These are made of individual wrist and finger bones, constructed from -what else- newspaper and duct tape. Here’s a sneak peek.

How Does A Zombie Taste?

Zombie TongueIt is a scientific fact that one must have a tongue in order to utter the word “brains”. Lacking a licker, you can only attempt a lesser approximation like “bramff”.

These pictures, taken from the Spooky Blue Zombie Builder’s Guide V2.0 (currently under development), show an unusual – um … aperture detail that not a lot of people would think (or want) to add. This zed possesses a tongue, with which he can amble up to any wrecked ambulance, grab the mic, and clearly say, “send more brains.”

Okay, I admit it. I never actually set out to make a tongue of the dead; the protuberance was a side effect of the mush-stuffing phase. If you dig this sort of thing, though…

Start with a screaming paper mache skull. Before filling it with mush, foam, or wadded up newspaper (my new favorite, and cheapest of all skull-mush material), make a duct tape dam or wall to separate the brain cavity from the mouth area. Since our brains and mouths often have no clear connection to one another anyway, this should be familiar territory.

Duct tape your zombie's mouth from the insideFill your skull with mush, leaving the mouth empty. Next, place more duct tape under the chin so that it sticks to the jaw bone, but hangs down a little bit like a pelican, or the unnervingly loose neck-skin of my junior year psychology teacher who pronounced “polygamy” as two distinct words; “polly” “gammy”. I believe he was also active in the hog farming industry.

If you look inside the mouth of your pelican-ated zombie, you should see the sticky side of the tape. Press a wad or two of newspaper underneath the chin, pushing the tape upwards and forming a lump inside the mouth. When you’re satisfied, tape off anything that might fall off, and this skull is ready to skin.

Here are a few more SBZBGV2.0 pictures. I originally posted these in order to talk about undead skin, but then I saw that horrible tongue. Gaa.