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Seven Years

Mrs. Spookyblue chose copper over wool to craft this totally cool wire sculpture of our first scarecrow, Bruno, for our 7th wedding anniversary.

I knew she was up to something.  She’s crafty.

Crafty: Skillful in underhand or evil schemes; sly.
Oh yeah.

Scarecrow as Myth

I'm realFrom the Undead Letter Office…

Our friend, Makin’ Bacon’ writes:

Have you ever done a scarecrow that had 3 heads or skulls coming out of the chest? I saw a pic somewhere last year and can’t find it. I’d like to use it as inspiration for one for a charity haunt. From what I remember, it was very reminiscent of your work.
Thank you

Dear Makin’ Bacon’,

There are rumors that H.P. Lovecraft once took a gander at the Necronomicon, which inspired his Cthulhu dreams. I’ve also heard it said that writers often turn to writing in order to expunge impinging demons; lock them up in the Word, so to speak. Still others believe that the artist, driven to create, causes his dreams to become reality. If not in his own mind, then in the minds of others. The world is a myth and we’re all characters from someone else’s pulp fiction.

This makes for some fun thought experiments, but that bucket has a lot of holes with respect to things like free will, and doesn’t hold much water. And yet science reveals that the universe began (has always existed/might not exist) as an infinitesimal quanta of energy. That from le pointe vierge propagated reality, the universe, puppies, and hot fudge sundaes. How does this differ greatly from “I think, therefore you exist”?

Accordingly, and to preserve public safety, I have not built a scarecrow with skulls coming out of its chest. You must have me confused with another, less responsible, haunter.

Thanks for the note,

Update: Our pal “momZax” sent us this link to Witchotastic’s (very irresponsible, very cool) Keeper of Souls, which may be the project M.B. was looking for.

World as myth: See Lazarus Long
Further Reading – Robert A Heinlein: Glory Road, To Sail Beyond The Sunset, Time Enough For Love, I Will Fear No Evil, The Number of The Beast

But suddenly the day was gone

Happy Halloween, and see you in November.

Gargoyle on patrol

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February Ghosts & An Itch

Minion Scott McCarty sent us these pics some time back, and I’ve been saving them. How better to brighten a cold February day, and take one’s mind off of other things, than with the wicked creativity of our haunt f(r)iend Scott?

In other news, your old pal Spook has been ruminating the possibility of teaching a class on (psychotic) paper mache for our local parks department. Mrs. Spookyblue and I enjoyed teaching a digital photography class for them some years back, and the itch never really went away.

The director lady in charge of arranging such things, herself a haunt fiend, loves the idea of a Halloween theme. However, there are no available indoor facilities in which to hold the class over the summer. If the class is to be held, it would start in mid-September.

A two-hour class, held once a week for four weeks, would finish up right smack in the middle of final preparations for Spooky Hollow’s opening night. Right now my brain tells me to do it, but the question becomes: In what condition will the ol’ noggin be come October 15? (Heh… I’m reminded of a scene from “Animal House”, that is totally inappropriate for this venue, in which Larry’s good and evil sides battle over what to do about the drunk girl, Clorette, passed out on Larry’s bed.)

Who am I kidding? I’ll probably do it. There’ll be time to sleep when I’m dead. In any case, if there are any interested minions within driving distance of Clarksville, Indiana, here’s your head’s up.

No, I’m not posting it here. You’ll have to look it up yourself on IMDB. If you don’t know the scene, or you’ve never heard of “Animal House”, then you’re probably too young for such things anyway. Go watch a Donald Duck cartoon or make a nice card for your mother.