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Boil & Wart

Boil & Wart
Minions Carolyn and Andrew have a witch problem.

Well, maybe not a problem in the classic sense of the word. Call it a pickle. A pickle of witches. Two witches constitute a pickle, right? Or would it be a cackle? Anyway, they’re pretty cool.

TheodoreAnd what’s more fun than a pickle barrel full of cackling witches but a Grumbley crow! His name, as I understand it, is Theodore.

Looking forward to seeing more from these guys in the future.

Grumble Sightings

Cherrylene Perry - Perfect Grumble LightsA lot of mail passes through the Snug Harbor dead letter office, and I always enjoy reading these letters. Sure, there have been a few exceptions. Like the guy who wanted me to find a police scanner frequency for him. He didn’t introduce himself, never asked me a question, just wrote, “New Albany, Indiana”. I’m sure it was actually typed “nalbnnn”. I took a good thirty minutes composing my reply. It was informative, eloquent, and sans frequencies. Probably more interesting than this so I’ll shut up about it.

The best emails, my favorites, are stories about projects. How a particular build is going, how the kids are getting involved, how the neighbors went crazy over the weekend and built 5 new zombies which set off a friendly competition to see who would have the most by Halloween.

And sometimes I get a picture. I always save them, usually add some note to them, and almost always lose them. Almost.

Grumble Sighting

Chomp, chomp, munch, crunch, gulp!

Almost makes you feel sorry for that crow.

Well, he should have suspected something. I mean really! Look at those teeth, that wicked smile. If I had feathers, you wouldn’t catch me within a furlong of that menace. Or a hectare if I was Canadian, eh.

This Grumblesque beastie is named Stewie, and he’s the creation of hauntress Shelley Spranza. Stewie is, obviously, based on our old friend and general menace, The Grumble. This guy is even larger than his papa. And possibly meaner. Shelley had to sink his stand into a big bucket of concrete to keep him from rampaging through the neighborhood scooping up flaming Whos.

He is definitely cool. Shelley has done an awesome job, and I can’t wait to see him lit up.