Terror on a Stick - The next generation

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  has a son...
You can hear them down in the garage, muttering back and forth, plotting.  If you listen closely, and they don't know you're there, you can hear them.  Their voices grate in the darkness like screwdrivers on glass.  One is a massive presence, towering over the other, smoldering eyes are twin points of fire in the darkness.  The other is just a head sitting on a table.  Hissing laughter rises and as quickly dies away.  They plot and scheme, grinning at each other in the dark. 

The head on the table was once a scarecrow named Bruno.  His moldy choir robes and brittle grapevine body are no more.  All that remains is his essence, stored in a pumpkin-head.  He is a sinister soul, a demented wraith consumed with dark intent.  In his madness he doesn't notice that he has no body, and he is strangely content.  The twisted monster standing before him shares his madness.  He is the son, a scarecrow.  He is called The Grumble.
Spookyblue's Grumble Scarecrow

Building on the success of our first scarecrow, Bruno, we combined different techniques to merge scarecrow with corpse.  The result was a hideous hybrid named "The Grumble".

This guy turned out great.  However, we did learn a hard lesson.  Why I keep going back to the well of bad ideas I'll never know, but take my advice and do NOT use PVC pipe as a main post.  The main post is the thing that you stick into the ground and to which your scarecrow is mounted.  Use wood, or build a stand.  Our scarecrow suffered the humiliation of doing a face plant when, trench coat weighed down with rain, the main post bent so far over that it finally snapped. 

This was a fun project, but I could have used another month to add the details I wanted.  Especially since I was building not only a giant pumpkin head from scratch, but also a skeletal torso.  The paper mache work alone took a couple of weeks.

The Grumble is mostly poultry screen and newspaper, and it took about a month to build.  I found the paper "vines" to be a neat detail that took on a life of their own.  I chose all inorganic materials this year because I wanted The Grumble to last for more than one season as did Bruno.  One scarecrow head sitting in the garage is enough.

Your ol' pal Spook has learned some new tricks since the time that the Grumble project was originally posted, so look for boxes like this where I'll be cutting in with the skinny from time to time.

 Materials list
Poultry screen (chicken wire) Get it at your favorite home improvement center.
Duct tape, newspaper, heavy paper towels or "shop wipes" You can find "shop wipes" at any auto parts store.  Paper towels can be substituted, but they won't be as strong.
3/4" pvc pipe, 4-way junction, 45's & 90's One 8' length should be enough.  If you want longer arms, get two.  Use this for armature support and for the arms, but not for the main post.
Main post Use wood.  Dig a hole and drop a 2x4 into it or build a stand, in which case you'll need at least two 2x4s.
Elmer's glue, or carpet adhesive

Elmer's glue (buy a gallon of it) is excellent for paper mache work, corpsing, you name it. At the time the Grumble project was originally posted, I was enamored with carpet adhesive. Since then, I've switched to PVA glue (white Elmer's). Either one works, although carpet adhesive has some minor drawbacks; namely that it remains tacky even when dry. In any case, feel free to experiment, and choose the one that you like best.

You know the stuff I'm talking about.  Call it carpet latex, call it adhesive. If you're having trouble finding the carpet stuff, plain old white Elmer's glue diluted with a little water makes great Grumble glue.

Trench coat Since you're probably on first name basis with the folks at the Salvation Army store, they might already have one of these set aside for you.
An old lamp I used two 25W red bulbs.  Choose whatever color you like best.
Paint Use outdoor latex paint.  Mismatches from your favorite paint-getting place are the best.