Terror on a Stick - The next generation

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Build a stand (How to prevent flattened TOTs) and a final word

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I realize now that I don't have a good photo of the stand, so here's a picture of the old one that broke in two, and a drawing of the new one.

On the morning that a local newspaper photographer was scheduled to come take some pictures, I walked down the driveway to find the scarecrow lying face down in the mud.  We had had a heavy rain the night before.  The coat was saturated.  I suppose the added weight is what caused the pipe to bend.  I wouldn't have imagined that it was enough to cause a total failure, but the evidence was lying right there in the mud.  I'm glad there wasn't anyone smashed underneath.  I gathered him up, washed him off, and made a few minor repairs.  Bruno's head stayed by his side the entire time.

The second stand is a 5' 2x4 stood on end, supported by scrap 2x4 "feet" bolted to the base like so... + .   A 5' (or so) length of 1x1 is screwed to the back of the 2x4.  I untied the horizontal board from around his shoulders and screwed it to the 1x1 post.  I set the torso on top of the 2x4 and lashed him to the horizontal beam. There you go.  And it's portable, if not a little awkward. 

The whole thing can be torn down, arms removed, and shoved into a closet or attic.  However, it's kind of cool having him standing watch in the garage.  Except on those nights when thick fog creeps up from the hollow, and there's a distinct feeling of watchfulness in and among the trees.  On those nights, if you're quiet, and if they don't know you're there, you'll hear them, scarecrow and scarecrow head, muttering, giggling, plotting.  Always plotting.

Have fun haunting!
      ~ Spooky 

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