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Shadow Wood

There are three ways into Shadow Wood.Welcome to Shadow Wood

Walk the road, past troll and witch,
Or roam the potter’s field,
Mind the dark things in the ditch,
Don’t test the over-keeled.

There is another way to go,
A well worn avenue,
Where friendly spirits want to throw,
A party just for you.

So make your way and move your feet,
But don’t get lost between,
The porch lights and the Tricks or Treats,
On the night of Halloween!

EnterBlue phantomCrowFlying phantom (meandering kelpie)

More Photos From Shadow Wood 2010


Empty sockets stare out across the field as it smiles, madly gaping at anyone who’ll meet its gaze. Its jaws chew the air and make a scraping sound like a carnival barker.

“Sstep right up, ladiess and gentlemen! It’ss the ride of a lifetime!

Terror, fire, extinction!

Sso much fun, a feasst for you! Who? Who will ride? You? Yess? Yessss! The cosst is jusst one, thin sssssoul!”

I was exposed to my first “brigand” in 1982 while playing the best board game ever invented called Dark Tower. If your party is weak, count on a band of brigands to finish them off. Nasty creatures. Always trouble.

Crow is a brigand. We couldn’t really call him a scarecrow. In fact, all the new monsters that stomped around Snug Harbor this year are in the same group. I don’t really understand the urge to classify these oversized spit wads, and the distinction doesn’t really mean anything except in my mind, but it feels right.

Brigand, thief, highwayman. Get mixed up with one of them and it’ll burgle all your free time.

Crow’s Gallery (Build instructions are on their way)

Plague of Brigands

Plague of BrigandsFinally!

In between episodes of King of The Hill, baritone practice, and interruptions by a persistent cat, the photo gallery got an update. It’s a start. More (much more … good grief, there’s a lot) pictures are in the chute.

Snug Harbor Halloween 2008

Something Loud and Hydraulic

On any given day, your old pal Spook gets a kaiser’s haul of email.

Or, at least, he did a few weeks back when Halloween was in full swing and everyone wanted to dance. But when the sock hop is over, you’d better already have a ride home because at some point you’re going to realize that you’re the only one left out in the middle of the gymnasium dance floor.

The music still plays, but the DJ left an hour ago and now it’s just you. Slowly turning. Bit by bit, tattered crepe paper tangles itself around your ankles. A few half deflated balloons that have lost their shine bob drunkenly in the lowering candlelight.

Okay, okay. Just kidding. We don’t deny that maybe some of us get that “prom’s over, where’d my date go?” feeling for a few days after Halloween, but anyone who’s still in mourning halfway to Thanksgiving probably should look for a good counselor. Or a quack who’ll prescribe something to help pass the time until Spring.

Luckily, we’ve been too busy with other outside projects to really notice how many days have passed recently without a lick of sunlight, or the growing weight of all those soggy leaves in the front yard. You know they get heavier with every passing drizzling day. Pressing down. Smothering. Flattening. Aack! Where’s my rake? Get me a front loader and a pickup truck!

(Cough) As I was saying, we’ve been off and about, moonlighting on other things. But we still get a letter or two, and for the helpful folks who continue to remind me that I haven’t posted any new pictures, I hear you. I’m devoting a good part of the weekend to making gallery updates, project updates, and a few other odds and ends. Right now, I’m off to rent something loud and hydraulic.