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Carpet Adhesive Brands

From the undead letter office…
Minion “falafel” writes in, “Can you suggest a brand of carpet latex- I seem to be having a hard time finding latex base adhesive out here on northern vancouver island.”

Howdy, farrel8,

Wow… Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Isn’t that area a kind of wildlife refuge? A refuge for … um … vancouvers, I guess. They’re sort of like voles or marmots, right? We just call ’em “critters” around here. And they’re excavating a subway system under my front yard. Stupid vancouvers.

As to your question regarding a brand of carpet adhesive that I recommend: I have always used Roberts. I suppose that is mostly due to the fact that it is the brand I see most often at Home Depot. You should be able to locate “carpet adhesive” at any hardware store, though. Other brands to look for are Dap, Henry, Liquid Nails, and TEC. If the clerk gives you a blank stare when you ask for latex carpet adhesive, leave out the word “latex”. If you ask for a tap and die, and some WD40, then you’re on your own.

Have fun, be careful, and don’t pet any critters when your hands are full of carpet glue.


By the way, this stuff is for sale online, too…
Roberts 3300 Carpet Adhesive
Henry Sheet Flooring And Carpet Adhesive
Liquid Nails (AWP40 Outdoor Carpet And Turf Adhesive)
DAP (186 Weldwood Carpet Adhesive)
Note: Always read the label, stick to latex-based products that list “water cleanup”, and wear gloves when you’re working with this stuff.  Mittens are practically useless.

Carpet “Latex” Adhesive

Carpet adhesive - meh


From the dead letter office…
I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner.

Subject: Carpet Adhesive

I think I purchased the wrong product. It said latex on the container, and easy cleanup. After applying the adhesive to my pumpkin it never dried. It is still tacky to the touch. I did put some talcum on it, and it really helped but my ridges on the pumpkin are still soft. What do you recommend I do to correct this problem, or is this normal?

Thank you,
Katrin, your newest Fan!

Hi, Katrin!

Always good to have a new minion. Make sure to drop by HR to get fitted for your Dreadnought uni-tard. We’re switching to a new darker gray with rust red piping this fall. Capes are for formal occasions only, and you’ll have to buy your own. We recommend a tailor shop down on Broadway, and if you use him, we reimburse the cost. It’s just more efficient that way.

Ah, the tacky, yuck, sticky flooring adhesive question again. (I get this a lot) I must update the website with more information so folks won’t unnecessarily freak out over this stuff.

Okay, the good news is that your pumpkin is probably dry. Or, maybe that’s the bad news. You see, this flooring adhesive stuff dries tacky. Very tacky. I think the phrase “Anna Nicole Smith tacky” was used on the site before it was just a mean thing to say and not extraordinarily cruel. It’s going to feel like the inside of a zombie’s chest cavity for a long time.

Talcum powder (or plain old dirt) will take away the tackiness. You have to rub it in for this to work. Just sprinkling it on and dusting it off won’t cut it; and use a lot. Pretend you’re a 17 year old zombie getting ready for the big dance. A sprinkle a day helps keep maggots away, and that cute redhead on the debate team hates maggots. You’re used to them, and it’s no big deal if one or two drop off now and then. They wriggle off on their own errands. But sheesh! A couple of the little guys get curious at the lunch table and it’s pandemonium!

Try the talc regimen again, and rub it in good. An old paint brush can help to get it into all the little crooks and nannies.

~ Headspook

Answers to a few other faqs on the subject:

– “Carpet latex” is just a generic term for “flooring adhesive”. It’s about the consistency of peanut butter, and you can get it just about anywhere (Wal-mart, Home Depot, Lowes). Try looking for Roberts 3300 Carpet Adhesive. Or buy it here!

– You either like carpet glop or you hate it.  It worked fine for me, but after migrating to white PVA glue (Elmer’s), I don’t miss it.

– Poly vinyl acetate. White Elmer’s glue. Get it by the gallon at HD.
Or buy it here!