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Grumble 2.0

Grumble 2.0This newly completed, next generation Grumble critter sports several design improvements over his predecessor which include an inspection hatch for the electrics, and zero chicken wire. In addition to being much lighter than the original Grumble, a removable noggin and built-in stand round out what has been a great revisit to this project.

But, now that it’s time to box him up and send him to the nice lady who paid in advance, I’m getting that sad “walking the foster dog to his new home” feeling. Grumble (there can really only be one) isn’t as sentimental about it. Every so often you’ll hear him out in the garage. “Hey, Tater! . . . Happy trails, Tater!”

No idea why he calls him Tater.

Long fingersDetachable NogginInspection HatchInside a Grumble Head

Don't call me TaterJagged GrinGlowGrumble V2.0

4 Responses to “Grumble 2.0”

  1. how much do you charge to make a grumble?

  2. We went to a miniature-model-builders nerdfest a couple of years ago, and in one booth stood a painstakingly detailed, three-foot tall Godzilla. There was a sign on the table that answered all questions in two words. I’ll borrow them here…

    A lot.

  3. Is there any production tutorials on how to make the Grumble 2.0? My first one turned out great but it was a little heavy and when the rains started late halloween night I just kept saying to myself “I’ll bring him in when it quits raining”. Well, after a week of raining it got too water logged and the head fell and smooshed. Since it didn’t quit raining unitl July 5th the following year (Seattle), I couldn’t get him dried out without mold setting in. So into the dumpster he went. I want to take another stab at it with the new 2.0 design.

  4. Nothing is in the works at the moment, but I’m planning to post a Grumble 2.0 how-to at some point. Here are some highlights of main differences …
    – No chicken wire. I swiped Stolloween’s plastic trash bag method for making the pumpkin armature. (See Grumble’s build for updates on this.)
    – The head is detachable. I mounted a length of 2×2 inside the center of the head, and threaded a hole in the bottom to receive a bolt that protrudes from the top of the torso.
    – The torso is built on a 6′ (or so) tall center post. The post is made up of several pieces of 1×2 lumber bolted together, but a single 2×2 post would be ideal. Just insert into a plastic Christmas tree stand.

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