The old adage “Fight fire with fire” does not apply to non-metaphorical fires

Paper Skulls RockHoly Crap! It’s Labor Day!

Well, technically tomorrow is, but Labor Day weekend marks the traditional end of Normal Time and the beginning of the Halloween Season. Garage and basement workshops shift into high gear as haunters glance up at paint-smeared calendars and realize that there are only 8 weeks left until the big night. And for those of us who open our haunted yards early, time is a bit more pressing.

Spooky Blue Studios bustles with activity as new zombies line up to be painted and sealed. Veteran undead, high on their shelves, stretch and yawn, some complain about cracked bones that need attention. The Grumble grumbles in his corner, patiently waiting for someone to put his arms back on. For a Grumble, that equates to only two or three promises per hour to dismember you at his first opportunity.

Some new armless nightmares perch on the workbench. These glowing globular residents of the pumpkin patch, denizens of some demented blotch of vegetable nightmare in an otherwise pleasant and peaceful field, practice twining their long viney stalks around anything they can trip up; mainly S. Blue and other team members. From time to time you can hear a loud “snap!”, then munching noises. I haven’t been bothered by a fly or a moth in weeks.

In celebration of the long weekend, the project list has been updated. Need skulls? Make your own from paper mache.


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