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But suddenly the day was gone

Happy Halloween, and see you in November.

Gargoyle on patrol

Cemetery RowGrumble in the treesWelcome homeWinged apprenticeCrowBlue & greenMoth BrotherWitches plotting

Let them come

Primed and Ready
Just finished putting the haunt back together after Tuesday’s wind storm. The upshot is a new bounty of leaves has blanketed everything in orange and brown. Mostly brown.

I’m thinking that a lot of kids will be expecting monsters to rise out of the mounds and drifts of leaves in the graveyard. Those are the ones I’ll leave alone. But the others who aren’t expecting it … heh.

A sheet in the wind

ApparitionStill working out the bugs for our … I’m not sure what to call it … Aerial Boom Ghost, Specter Sail, Meandering Kelpie?

It’s basically a 10′ lever on a swivel. A witch/ spook/whatever is mounted to one end of the arm. On the other end is a counterweight that raises the marionette up to 15′ in the air.

The whole rig rotates horizontally 360 degrees. Paint the contraption black and it disappears under haunt lighting. The whirling wraith follows the wind.

Gust of WindMeandering KelpieThere are plenty of refinements to be made, but it’s fun to watch our scratch model range around its circle, stare at something for a while down the street, and then wheel off in some other direction.

We’ll see how well it performs this weekend. Sure hope there’s a breeze.

Record Storm Blows

Five days following renovationBarometers collapsed and kitchen weather witches crashed into cupboards all across the Midwest United States yesterday, as a huge low pressure front stormed through, set meteorological records, and generally tore up the place.

Barometric pressure readings, like 28.3″ near International Falls, MN, were at Category 3 hurricane levels. The last time we saw conditions like this, the Edmund Fitzgerald paid the price.

When the gales of November come earlyIt got exciting, and a little scary, in the Louisville area for a few minutes. “T’was the witch of November come stealing.” But overall we ended up not being hit very hard.

At Snug Harbor, of course, five days before Halloween, everything is relative.