The Chapel Hill Witch

A cold wind moans through the misty hollow below Chapel Hill. Echoes of its dry lament drift among rotting logs and forgotten fence rows, a dirge to remind the dead of their current situation. And to the living it is a warning.

Throw salt on the stones,
‘Cross window and sill,
Or she’ll make of your bones,
A soup fit to swill.

Clutch ward and Book,
To shield from the troll,
And pray reaper’s hook,
Won’t snag on your soul!

We set up all of the tombstones, some zombies, and our new witch for a video shoot over the weekend. It will air locally to advertise the 4-H haunt Nightmare at the Fair.

9 Responses to “The Chapel Hill Witch”

  1. Beautiful stuff. Love the atmosphere.

  2. Looks awesome, Spooky! Of course, your props are bad ass, but I’m really loving your lighting as well. Last year I used red floods and will probably do the same this year. I’m going to experiment more eventually, but I’m color blind, so it makes it tricky :)

    Great job!!!

  3. Thanks. There will be a full write-up on the witch at some point, along with additional information for corpse builders. I took a lot of pictures this year.

    The down-side is that I did most of this work for other people. We only have one new tombstone for our haunt this year. I promised Mrs. Spookyblue a new scarecrow, and I’ve got about a week to deliver.

    Haven’t even started yet.

  4. Got side-tracked. The lighting was compliments of Josh Martin who is the head 4-H haunt guy. He’s pretty cool. For a democrat. :)

  5. LMAO

  6. I knew I would be missing alot

  7. You guys are a hoot. So glad I found your site. My hubs can’t wait to add some creepy to our Halloween decor.

  8. Terrific stuff! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

    Johnny Love

  9. Too bad its so far away