Nightmare At The Fair

Our friend, and “Nightmare Ring Leader”, Josh Martin put together this commercial for the haunt sponsored by Clark County 4-H and Catholic Youth Ministries. It will air on “Indiana 9” for anyone in the Louisville metropolitan area.
Here’s the direct link.

Josh and his crew have been planning and building since mid Summer, but they will actually assemble the haunt in just a few days. Opening night is Friday, October 17.

I’m amazed at the coordination effort that has gone into this. It went from grid paper to reality in just a few short months, and we’re not talking about a few plastic skeletons stapled to some plywood walls. “Nightmare” will feature professional light and sound as well as props. Most importantly, they have thought through the psychology of their scares and they plan to cultivate a high “creep factor” into the overall experience. Patrons will not be disappointed.

Incidentally, those are all Spooky Blue props in the commercial. The Chapel Hill Witch will appear at the haunt along with The Grumble.

Nightmare At TheFair
Clark County 4-H Fair Grounds
Admission: $8.00
Hours: 7:30 – 11:30
Dates: 10/17 10/18 10/24 10/25

3 Responses to “Nightmare At The Fair”

  1. That is very cool! Must be neat to see your creations on TV.

  2. Thanks, Johnny. You know, the funny thing? I haven’t seen the commercial on TV yet. “Indiana 9” is on channel 98 or some such. I think.

  3. lucky! lucky!