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Indy Haunt Fest June 26, 27

Indy Haunt Fest is June 26, 27 in Indianapolis. Mrs. Spookyblue and I will be there, along with whatever mustering of monsters we can fit into the truck.

The lineup includes a haunter’s auction, hearse rally, zombie crawl, make-and-take classes, and presentations by haunt pros such as Haunted Attraction Magazine co-founder, and commercial haunt designer, Leonard Pickel.

Your old pal Spook will give a “Monster Mache” demonstration, and we’re also hosting a foam carving make-and-take. This hands-on covers old school methods that don’t involve searing hot wires, killer fumes, and accidentally setting your shoelaces on fire.

Folks can choose to make a 10″x12″ tombstone, or a “rotted wood” sign (about 14″x10″).

We’ve had to miniaturize things just a bit to fit into the time allowed, but the techniques can be scaled to any size. When the carving’s done, we’ll paint our projects to look like real wood, brick, or stone.

Class size is limited, so if you’re interested in attending, contact us for more info, or to reserve a spot.

Spookyblue’s Foam Carving Make-and-take at Indy Haunt Fest

  • $10 per person. (Cash at the door. Event admission not included.)
  • All materials and tools provided.
  • Participants 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • We’ll be having lots of fun with paint, too, so wear appropriate clothing.

If you can’t make the class, then stop by our booth for a visit. Meet The Grumble. We’ll have spider rings.

Indy Haunt Fest official website

Godzilla Vs Mothra

Mothra Slings Godzilla By The TailA tradition has evolved over the years in which Mrs. Spookyblue and I keep our Halloween costumes under wraps until the night of the annual bash. This year, the cloak-and-dagger routine worked so well that not even we knew what we were going to be until the last minute.

It’s a great strategy for keeping secrets, but it makes for some late nights and frazzled nerves when you decide to pull off Godzilla Vs Mothra. In just two weeks.

Forces JoinedWhile a full-body suit was never seriously considered for ‘Zilla, green sweats and a (Gahh!) green jogging suit were both flatly rejected. Nervous necessity eventually revealed the obvious answer, and we became Godzilla and Mothra …on vacation.

Mrs. Spookyblue raided every craft store in town for moth wing material while I carved a reef of spines out of construction foam. The Panama hat, Mrs. S’s idea, was a nice touch. That blue blur buzzing angrily aroundGodzilla Plans my head in some of the pictures (check the new gallery link) is a carved F-86. Mothra’s wings were an engineering miracle mixed with my wife’s mad sewing skillz.

And on the night of the big reveal…

“So, he’s a dinosaur and she’s a butterfly, right?” .. “Gozzla? What’s a Gozzla?” .. “Oh, yeah! Moffra! Hmm… that’s nice.”

Nobody got it. Gaar.

More pictures of Gozzla and Moffra

Alien Stonehenge?

Can you guess your old pal Spook’s Halloween costume from these clues?

There’s also a US Air Force F-86 Sabre (about 7″ and also carved out of foam), a Hawaiian shirt, and a Panama Hat.