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Grumble Say – About Terrible Puppies

Grumble say if can’t convince a dog wag his tail, then better examine conscience. If that not work, give steak. Still not work, get cat.

Grumble say welcome to terrible world of Grumble, where Grumble answer all question and fix all problem.

Now, what happen today? Not care! Grumble say about what happen last week when terrible Sheltie puppies infest House of Grumble. Puny Spook man and horrible Spook wife bring home five bad kind of puppies. Smell like cheese. Found hiding under big banana on wheels used to move awful children back and forth school.

Take puppies doctor, get checkup, all good shape. Then bring to House of Grumble and wash till smell like repulsive lily flower. Give toys, watch destroy House of Grumble, chew Atari games.

Grumble say, “Not eat puppies.” Puppies chomp Grumble.
Grumble say, “Not chomp Grumble!” Puppies play hide-seek in Grumble coat. Grumble roar, “Ack! Tickles!” Puppies rush Grumble, lick face, make puddles. Where puppies store all that puddle water?

Grumble give up, let climb and chomp on Grumble. Sharp teeth like baby velociraptors impress, dismay. Nanny dogs Hannah and Georgie agree.

Little monster chomps have supper, go to bed. Grumble pretend tasting, kiss each on head, get fuzz in mouth. Next day, go see lady give them new homes to chomp, make puddles.

Now Grumble house not “Yap! Yap!” noisy. Not get constant lick lick lick face, smell terrible puppy breath. Not get slobbery Grumble coat anymore.

All got new homes, all safe. Grumble wonder what terrible monster puppies doing now. Not forget. Think house very quiet.

Grumble go stomp around, make noise, eat sandwich, pet nanny dogs.

See more pictures of terrible Sheltie puppies here.

It’s your old pal Spook here…

If you have a dog or cat that you can no longer take care of, or if a stray comes to visit, the pound is not your only option. There are rescue organizations that can help.

Dog rescues by breed/state (American Kennel club)
More dog rescues (Google)

Please consider adopting from your local animal shelter.
Another great place to look for good slobbers is Petfinder.com.
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