Anything worth doing…

Toll booth of the damned“I’ll mow the yard. You get to work building my mausoleum.”

A more pleasant ambush of words, so sweetly spoken, I cannot imagine. Maybe if you tossed in a dune buggy and an abandoned amusement park.

Our proto-mausoleum, pictured above, exemplifies the good ol’ Clark Griswald spirit alongside a certain dyslexic understanding of basic geometry. The four walls were built and assembled in about four hours. The roof took three days. Give me the chance to confuse a pitch angle with a gable cut and I’ll take it every time.

Mausoleum sketch 1Mausoleum Sketch 2Nevertheless, Spooky Hollow’s new luxury resort for reveling revenants should be open for business by opening night on October 10. What final shape it will take is anyone’s guess. At the very least, I’ll have finally found a suitable purpose for our vast collection of pool noodles.

Neph’s 4×4 mausoleum plans kick-started this project.

11 Responses to “Anything worth doing…”

  1. What the heck are you going to do with this thing the rest of the year? Is your garage big enough to store the Spruce Goose and this tollbooth on the MassPike?

  2. Oh wow, I love the design! Cannot wait to see the progress!!!

  3. Hee hee hee … good one, Jeffrey. :)

    It’s modular. The walls break down and the roof, once unlocked, lifts off. The whole thing compresses down to about 4x6x2. I can shove the walls under the deck, or sit it on a couple of palettes and toss a tarp over it in the back yard.

    We’re probably going to build a barn next year for the Spruce Goose.

  4. That’s great!! just went through almost the exact same series of events myself. My crypt is now finished and will be stored under my deck for now. I, also, keep telling myself that we will be building a new barn in the Spring. I love you guys – you make me feel better about me…

  5. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  6. Your mausoleum is absolutley the greatest.
    Well put together and an insiration to those of us who share this creative fun. Never had the means to go to college for theatre have used Halloween and my natural love of it to do projects and have a good time.
    But tell Grumble it is not his new crib and that he is just going to have to get use to his space in the garage like all the others!

  7. Looks cool dude. Are you going to use foam on the walls or are you going to sheet it? What ever you do its going to look awesome.

  8. Foam. You could drop it out of an airplane and it would bounce. I’m taking photos. ;)

  9. Looking forward to seeing detail shots of how you make the sides modular. I assume you’ll add the foam side boards with hook and eyes, or velcro, but I’m trying to work out how to make the sides easily modular.

  10. Easily modular doesn’t really apply here. :)

    The foam is permanently attached to the wall (although I’m considering Velcro for various trim bits). Angle brackets in the corners hold it all up. This wouldn’t be such a flippin’ puzzle if it was a normal structure.

  11. Hey, one of my home haunter heroes is blogging! *subscribe!*

    Glad to hear my mausoleum frame inspired this project! It’s looking like yours is going to be cooler than mine – can’t wait to see pics, both of the manner in which you’re going to make it modular, and in how the final product will look.