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Shadow Wood 2011

'Anxiety Gardens' at Shadow WoodNovember first is the Haunter’s New Year. Or it feels like it to me, anyway.

Another season “Whooshed!” by, and nothing left to do but coil up the extension cords and try to find enough corners to shove everything.

I often find myself reflective at this time of year, and it’s a 50/50 shot that I’ll be depressed as hell, or satisfied with … everything. That contentment can be hard to find sometimes. It’s really a choice, though, more than a consequence.

Mrs. Spookyblue taught me that and she offers refresher courses on an as-needed basis. It’s difficult to be morose in the face of buoyant enthusiasm, and at my most cantankerous is when she cheers the loudest. Partly to drown out the moans, but mostly because she means it. What a sweetie.

Shadow Wood 2011 looked a lot like Shadow Wood 2010, but with red lights. The kids didn’t notice, and more than once I overheard, “This house is always the best!” A fine compliment, I think, to ring in the new year.

“Anxiety Gardens”
at Shadow Wood

Shadows are usually quiet and well-behaved

Shadowen… but don’t count on it.

Faces of Halloween

Always one gloomy gus

“Helloooh!” “Helloooh!” “Meh.”

Obsidian Hearts

Obsidian HeartsYou may recall mention of a certain “Demi-corpse” that we shipped out west some time ago. Well, our snaggle-toothed friend has been very busy.

Our monster makes his film debut in the upcoming movie Obsidian Hearts. The (mostly) official trailer has been released, and although you only catch a glimpse of our fanged fiend in the first few seconds, I’m told he enjoys more of the spotlight at the beginning of the movie. He is also featured on the DVD cover art.

This marks our first incursion into the realm of cinematic horror. Or, rather, the first appearance of a prop from the Spookyblue skunk works. We don’t count that other 1.4 second on-screen blur back in 2006 when I -a zombie extra- got clocked by a biker -they hate zombies, and/or zombie extras.

You can watch the Obsidian Hearts trailer by following the link below. I should warn you, however, that the movie is rated R, and some scenes are a little racy. We’re not a pack of “Mrs. Grundy” around here, but we do try to keep things at a somewhat wholesome PG13 for the minors and folks who aren’t shocked by a blood-barfing corpse, but whose brains asplode at the sight of a decent side-boob. If that includes you, then take a pass, or avert your eyes until there are at least 18 candles on your birthday cake.

Obsidian Hearts Movie Trailer