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The funny thing about imploding witch heads

Spookyblue Witch ProjectI had been experimenting, some time ago, with Great Stuff as a filler material for paper skulls. (Never give up on a bad idea.) Great Stuff, for the uninitiated, is expanding, sometimes evil, foam in a can.

To summarize, I used too much, too fast, and it expanded unevenly during the curing process. My experimental skulls collapsed as the sticky ooze did weird things, and I was left with some very scrunched up faces.

Witches, happily, often appear to have scrunched up faces. >ding!< Thus began our Witch Project.

Special thanks go out to the folks who encouraged, prodded, plagued, heckled, and otherwise nagged your old pal Spook into finally finishing the ‘Witch Project’. You know who you are. :)

Zombie Classifieds

Zombie For SaleWould you like to have more friends, or even just one? Someone who will appreciate the time and meticulous detail you’ve invested in your authentic Starfleet Admiral’s uniform? Got a cat that needs a worthy staring opponent?

In an ongoing effort to clear space and make some extra glue money, I just got the repair bill for the old rattletrap (Ignition coils cost how much?). So, we offer up for sale this first generation pre-owned groundbreaker zombie.


Ivan OdorIvan OdorIvan OdorIvan Odor

Ivan OdorIvan OdorIvan Odor


  • Built in 2006, this zombie skeleton critter has appeared in the Spooky Hollow outdoor haunt display for three years.
  • (Basically) rugged paper mache construction was sealed against the elements (sort of) in ’06, which means that he never got any soggier than our other graveyard monsters.
  • Sturdy wood base, no hands (Look, ma!), and original rust dresses up the coat hanger bits protruding from his wrists. (Tetanus booster shot is recommended)

Physical Dimensions:

  • Beats me. About what you would expect, I suppose. I’ve never measured him. Details .. details.

Desirable features:

  • Recumbent body style.
  • Some cracked/broken arm bones, and loose, in-need-of-repair “stringy sinewy stuff” add to the quality of the overall decay.
  • Original graveyard patina (Dirt – lots of that).
  • Smells like a potato.


  • $135 $100 $95 $79.50 + Shipping (as is). Make Offer
  • Refurb service available.
  • Estimated shipping: No idea. Any overage will be refunded.

How do I buy this … thing?

  • We’re taking the quick and dirty approach, so no fancy “Buy Now!” buttons at the moment. Contact Us Via Email.

Payment Methods:

  • After a final agreement has been reached …
  • Google Checkout, or
  • Money order.

Return Policy:

  • Fuggedaboudit.

Seriously? Sounds like a hunk of junk to me.

  • Never trust a travelling zombie salesman.