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Alien Stonehenge?

Can you guess your old pal Spook’s Halloween costume from these clues?

There’s also a US Air Force F-86 Sabre (about 7″ and also carved out of foam), a Hawaiian shirt, and a Panama Hat.

2009 Graverobber’s Ball

Scarecrow Vines

Proto-BrunoFrom the dead letter office…

Our friend Steve writes:

Subject: Bruno comment
Hi there, I was wondering, could you use ivy vines instead of grape vines?

Yo, Steve!

Not being well-versed in the botanical arts myself, I can’t answer your question. But I will anyway.

Grape vines are woody and thick enough that they are the main support structure for Bruno. If ivy vines have similar properties, then yes, they should work fine. If you just want to use ivy vines because they look cool, then go raid the scrap wood pile and build a frame on which to hang everything.

Bruno The ScarecrowKids and little lambs eat ivy, so your scarecrow should be well-fed.

Meet Bruno, grape vine monster, and Grumble’s dad

Hit and Run

Grumble can't driveAllegheny County Sherriff’s deputy Roger DeMarco was treated for minor injuries after a riding lawn mower crashed through the garage door of his Monroeville home, pinning him to the wall yesterday afternoon. According to a police report, the riding mower was driven by a six-foot-tall scarecrow who then ran from the scene.

Although not seriously injured, DeMarco, a reserve SWAT member and competitive shooter, was shaken after the accident. When asked for his account of the event, witnesses say he became incoherent and insisted that he’d been bitten, shouting, “I don’t want to be walkin’ around like that!”