Zombie Road Trip Ends in Crash, Feast

Three local zombies were involved in a head-on collision this afternoon on the 4. Alcohol is thought to have been involved, or at least the consumption of alcoholics prior to getting behind the wheel.Surprisingly, injuries were minor. All undead were thrown clear of their car as it disintegrated upon impact with the a lorry driven by 77 year old pensioner Harold Waxwafer. Not surprisingly, however, the zombies did feast on Mr. Waxwafer and two responding ambulance crews.

Police and bystanders fled the scene.


2 Responses to “Zombie Road Trip Ends in Crash, Feast”

  1. Love it!! The one zombie appears to be the stiffler of the group. Leaning out of the window groaning obscenities at the living.

  2. fantastic!
    it’d be an honor to be chewed upon by those corpses.