What is a “Gonk” anyway?

Dawn of the Dead SoundtrackOnly 29 more shopping days until Halloween, kids!

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite haunter, or for your pet zombie who lives in the shed out in the garden? We recommend Dawn of the Dead – The Unreleased Incidental Music Soundtrack.

This is currently at the top of my list of favorite (if not oddest) records, but as much as I admire Mr. Romero, I have to believe that the genius behind this supremely creepy and unusual soundtrack for Dawn of the Dead was rooted more in economics than cinematic brilliance.

The best and most recognizable moments of this CD come from the De Wolf, Rouge and Hudson sound libraries, an unremarkable collection of dusty music commonly used as background fodder for radio and television ad spots of the time. Purchasing the rights to a few pieces of “incidental music” from the collection was a less expensive alternative to having new music written for DOTD.  Not counting original tracks performed by Goblin, that is.  Romero’s choices were so…peculiar, yet they still fit.

My favorite tracks are The Gonk, of course, and the Mall Montage consisting of We are the Champions, Ragtime Razzmataz, Tango Tango, and Fugarock. They’re parodies of themselves and are so cartoonishly over the top that you can’t help but enjoy them in their grim context. Was Romero a genius? Lucky? Or were his tastes so avocado and burnt orange that The Gonk‘s destiny was self-assured?

I’m not a hater, really. I love George, Land of the Dead notwithstanding. And I love this soundtrack. Great noise to supplement endless repeats of Monster Mash at your Halloween party.

By the way, a Gonk is a sort-of furry doll thing with a sordid history.

Dawn of the Dead – The Unreleased Incidental Music complete track list…

1. The Gonk H. Chappell
2. Cosmogony Part 1 P. Lemel
3. Sinestre E Towren
4. ‘Cause I’m a Man The Pretty Things (P. Reno)
5. Figment S. Park
6. Mask of Death J. Trombey
7. Scarey 1 D. Scott
8. Scarey 2 D. Scott
9. Dark Earth J. Trombey
10. Mall Montage Scene (We Are The Champions), Ragtime Razzamataz, Tango Tango, Fugarock
R. Tilsley, H. Chappell, B. Stoller, D. Scott
11. Barrarge J. Trombey
12. Desert De Glace P. Arvay
13. Sun High S. Park
14. Dramaturgy P. Lemel

Where can you get your own? Well, try here, or here.

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