The impending zombie outbreak isn’t impending anymore

Name That Zombie - ZombieShopping.comFor those who don’t quite grok our current economic situation, replace “economic collapse” with “undead apocalypse” and “fiscal irresponsibility” with “T-Virus”.

I saw something on the news this morning that almost resulted in me throwing my St. Patrick’s Day green eggs and ham at the television. A man-on-the-street interviewee made the broad statement, “Health care oughta be free, and the gub-mint is makin’ me pay too much for gas.”

This person gets partial credit for indirectly referencing the high energy taxes we pay and how part of the skyrocketing cost of fuel is a result of our at – capacity – and – we’re – screwed – if – anything – bad – happens refinery system.

But he fails miserably in his understanding of the role of our gub-mint. We like to relive childhood memories and remember what was often a happy and secure time of our lives, but that doesn’t mean that we can go back there and live permanently. A responsible adult must make his own decisions, provide for his family’s needs, and keep his own cave. Asking (or expecting) someone else, especially government, to take up that role is equivalent to curling up in front of the TV with your thumb shoved in your mouth and complaining when nobody appears to clean up your stinky mess.

The zombie outbreak isn’t impending anymore. It’s here. If you haven’t made preparations yet, then get ready. I recommend you try “your undead apocalypse store”. While you’re there, make sure to play a round of “Name That Zombie”.

(S. Blue isn’t waiting around for the gubmint to pay his server fees.)

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