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Success and Failure

Grumble say: Puny humans!From the Dead Letter Office:
Our friend Gzzlglug writes…

Subject: Bruno

It’s sad, really. I had the highest hopes for my pumpkin monster involving lavish plans with PVC, dowels and wire. Novice that I am, I stupidly believed that I could do this with a real pumpkin, and have ended up with (rather cool) skeletal arms protruding from a black-draped ladder, upon which the head sits.

Hey, Glugmuck

If you don’t count swearing, “I stupidly believed” ranks as one of the top 10 most-uttered canards by the haunt engineer. A few other gems in that list are: “We assumed”, “Randy said”, and “It’ll be fine”.

Tape ZombieTo date, I can’t recall a single project that ended the way I thought it would when it was hatched. Sometimes that works out for the best, and sometimes you get a Packing Tape Zombie.

Enjoy your successes and toss your failures over the fence. They make good nesting material for bunnies and quail. Tape Zombie - 2 years laterPacking tape zombies, however, degrade differently. They’ll hang around, usually out of spite, to remind you of your spectacular potential for inadequacy.

On the plus side, when it finally fills up with ants, it will eventually burst.


Success and Failure…