Moth Brothers Gallery Update

Toothy GrinThe Moth Brothers, our garrulous gourds, guarded the entrance to Halloween Hall this year, each perched atop his own corn shock.

Despite the smoldering smiles, neither shock nor squirrel caught fire, though you might’ve caught a whiff of freshly popped corn when the breeze was just right.

These full-sized punkin-shocks were popular, and simple to make, but the guys have begun to suffer a bit of collapsing jaw syndrome over the years. A consequence of too few paper mache layers and too many soggy nights. I wonder if this ever happens to Stolloween.

Moth Brother Punkin Shocks

One Response to “Moth Brothers Gallery Update”

  1. Good riddance! Virginia was not far enough away from these creep-a-zoids. Still having nightmares, sob.