Halloween at the drive-in

Halloween at the drive inThis weekend should really be something at the Georgetown drive-in. Check out this promotion.

With only a few of these gems left in operation, we’re really lucky to live close by. During the summer, on any given Friday or Saturday night, you’ll usually find the place packed.

There really is nothing like watching a good scary movie out under the stars where you’re not as interested in the high-fidelity experience as not getting mustard all down the front of you or sitting in pretzel cheese.

That car turns on a pedestal
Chili cheese fried

Georgetown Drive-in

6 Responses to “Halloween at the drive-in”

  1. Ok…. now that is just bad ass…Are you going?? If I was close and had the day off I would… I would KILL to be there. If you do go, you should take lots of pictures and put them on this blog.

  2. As a matter of fact why dont you just bootleg it.

  3. We’ll see. Plans keep changing. Bootleg? Now, now…that doesn’t sound very nice…or legal.

  4. Breakn’ the law
    breakn’ the law

  5. This is a great drive-in, I saw Cars there two years ago. Sorry to have missed such a great event, but I’ll keep an eye on that website from now on.

  6. I love DRive-ins.
    We have one here in Stephens City but they close way before October which drives us nuts!
    Every year my wife and I entertain the idea of chucking our jobs and buying it to run our way, which would include a big Halloween extravaganza!
    She’s always the one who snaps us back to reality.

    Ahh, dreams.