Christmas Time Is Here

Is your house on fire, Clark?
Seals and Polar Bears

Christmas time is here,
Happiness and cheer,
Extension cords electrify,
Puddles far and near.

Seals and polar bears,
Ozone in the air,
Flamingos promenade around,
In flamingo underwear.

Midnight sleigh bells ring,
Jing a-ling a-ling,
Jing-a jing a-ching-a ching,
“Hey you! What are you doin’ out there? Every damn night for a week now! Get off my property or I’m callin’ the cops!”

Christmas time is here,
Another case of beer,
Dear Aunt Ruth is on the roof,
And missing her brassiere.

Oh, that we could always see,
Such spirit through the year.

2009 Snug Harbor Christmas Light Display

3 Responses to “Christmas Time Is Here”

  1. Flamingo underwear? I know what someone could use for Christmas!

  2. Such beauty! Thank you the new season.

  3. Nothing captures the true spirit of Christmas like promenading flamingos.

    Enjoy the holidays :)