Cadavers of Spring

The woods are starting to green. Zeds are popping up like mushrooms
Zombie skin & proto-skullA pound and a half of zombie skinZed headTracheaReminds me of SpawnParchment skin

5 Responses to “Cadavers of Spring”

  1. Ahh! The first red-breasted cadaver of Spring. The flowers will be in bloom anytime now.

  2. Now if they would just develop a taste for moles.
    The zeds, I mean. Or the flowers, I guess. Stupid moles.

  3. Great!
    Beautiful corpsing job, the twisted flesh beneath the ribs looks awesome!

  4. Awesome fleshing job! What did you use for the ribs on ths one, they look nice and realistic? And the “not yet decomposed trachya (throat) is perfect!
    Way to go. Looking forward to seeing a build sequence on him. :-D

  5. Rolling newspaper bones is one of my least favorite pastimes, which is why I began experimenting with other methods to build bodies. One surprising success was mache-ing a Bucky torso, and it is quickly becoming my favorite method for no-fuss, simple human forms.

    Paper mache skeleton V2.0 part I
    Paper mache skeleton V2.0 part II